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11-Oct-2017 15:53

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The fact there are fakes on here giving 5 stars only helps prove that they use fake profiles on the game itself. Who in the world programmed in these ridiculous odds? I do like the slots and sometimes break even on them.For the most part I think the owners of the site should loosen up a bit with payouts instead of trying to sell more gems.AT FRIST WHEN YOU COME ON VW OHHH YOU WIN SOME LIKE GUEST TOURIST BUT ONES YOU BUY A VIP OR ELITE YOU DONT WIN NONE NO MORE. This site treats you like trash unless you are a regularly paying customer.

, CHARMS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU MOVE UP THAT MEANS THAT YOU NOT WINNING YOUR SELF UP YOU BUYING YOURSELF UP.Don't buy charms or use real money for membership or anything else.