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Rajen has become busy with business and family in recent years (as of 2004) so he hasn't been doing much ship modelling lately. (DRW)RD == Rod Dauteuil ([email protected]) Rod is another "good guy" who has helped me in numerous ways.

His modelling tastes seem to be ecclectic, like my own, and he has reviewed a wide variety of kits.

He was one of the first contributors to this list, and still gets a few words in now and then.

(DRW) JP == Joseph Poutre ([email protected]) Joe Poutre is a good friend, a fellow New Jerseyan, and my co-conspirator on numerous projects.

Other people have since contributed to it, and it is now being maintained by Joseph Poutre ([email protected]) Comments, additions, and corrections should be sent to him.

This list is intended to include all plastic and resin model ship kits.

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There is no advertising, and it is available to modellers for free. Our goal is to improve the hobby of ship modelling, by making it easier to select good kits, and to provide information on how to fix some of the problematical ones.

) but here are the release dates on some past versions. Datta ([email protected]) Rajen is a fellow escapee from Bell Labs.

We started the list over pizza and root beer while we were still both employed there.

(DRW) PKHM == Peter Mispelkamp ([email protected]) Peter is another helpful fellow.

He seems to be most interested in Kriegsmarine subjects, and he favors 1/400 Heller kits.

Make sure you check out his web page at which has pictures of his models, and many other articles and images on Kriegsmarine and Hochseeflotte subjects.

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