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04-Jul-2017 16:55

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You can buy online tickets for attractions, museums, and tours at Rome tickets website. Piazza del Campidoglio (on the Capitol Hill) houses the city council; Piazza Venezia square represents the 'heart of the city'; Piazza Navona displays the spectacular Baroque triumphant architecture; Piazza di Spagna is a masterpiece of the XVIII century with its famous Spanish steps and, last but not least, St Peter's Square is the majestic access to St Peter's Basilica, the centre of Christianity.

A remarkable architectural feature, it remains the world's largest unreinforced dome. Highlights include Michelangelo’s Pietà, the Vatican Gardens, climbing the winding staircase to the top of the cupola for a magnificent view, the Sistine Chapel and Raffaello’s Rooms, both part of the Vatican Museum, the immense wind-swept square encircled by the colonnade.