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If using 59, now you’ll have access to its settings in a gorgeous Material Design environment.-Libre Office 5.3.3, with over 70 patches and fixes.-Vivaldi 1.10 web browser, with the ability to set custom Speed Dial thumbnails...There is an adage that says: “not everything old is bad, and not everything new is good”.Also, I'm not sure how interested he is in programming.Even though Python is easy to learn, I'm concerned that he might lose interest before he learned enough Python to be able to do something interesting.Plenty of classic sample games are available to learn from: asteroids, invaders, breakout, platform game, etc.Professor Overmans, the author, teaches game programming course based on that, and I guess many Ph D students contributed to that.

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With this adage in mind, this is the first Escuelas Linux release that includes new software, as well as reintroduces old software, in some sort of regression because it turned out that the old one was better, at least in our experiences.

He likes math, so the concept of computation as evaluating functions might not be so remote...

Scheme makes a nice prefix notation calculator after all, and the syntax is REALLY simple.

Any dialect of turtle might also be worth looking into (since that's what it's for). If they really like math, maybe they'll get more of a kick out of playing with numbers than graphics. It's about as simple as it gets and is not a toy language either -- he won't grow out of it and feel a bit betrayed by you teaching a "toy" language that is no good in the long run. However, I have personally always toyed with the idea of...

what would come of a kid who was taught a functional language as the first thing?I've been looking at Squeak, and it looks somewhat promising, especially if you add on the Etoys.