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'I knew what I was doing.' She is now recovering in hospital but is expected to be fine, thanks to her brother. He said he would do anything for his sister: 'She's really beautiful and I love her very much.'Mesa Fire Department spokesman Captain Forrest Smith told KNXV-TV: 'I couldn't imagine what was going through his mind.Here he is, in a situation where most of us, if we had a family member in that position, as parents we tend to really panic and be concerned.Medical Examiner Kevin Horn testified that Alexander's jugular vein, common carotid artery, and trachea had been slashed and that Alexander had defensive wounds on his hands.Horn further testified that Alexander "may have" been dead at the time the gunshot was inflicted, and that the back wounds were shallow.her shoe too.'After a stressful two minutes performing chest compressions and giving her mouth to mouth, his sister started to breathe again.He said: 'I told my grandma to call an ambulance, the neighbour came over, I did CPR on her and she was starting to breathe a little bit.Her mother quickly pulled her out but she was unconscious and not breathing.

Neither these calls, nor transcripts of them, were presented in the Jodi Arias trial.

She and Alexander met in September 2006 at a PPL Services conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.