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"Sexy Bitch" replicated the chart success of the previous single in international territories.In the Australasian countries, it reached the summit of the singles charts in Australia and New Zealand.The lyrics deal with the protagonist's infatuation with a female, demonstrated in lines like "I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful," and "nothing like the neighbourhood whore".Eric Lyndal Martin of Pop Matters commented, "the final product makes you wonder just how sexy this bitch actually is," and commended the track for its driving beats, writing that they "make this song a lot of fun." "Sexy Bitch" was released as the follow up single to "When Love Takes Over", which was experiencing international success during the time of the single's release.

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It was released worldwide as a digital promotional single, which preceded the release One Love, on 24 July 2009.The lyrics of "Sexy Bitch" deal with the protagonist's infatuation with a woman.