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The sample was selected by the Commission using the statistical method on a set of certified expenses incurred under OP Environment from the start of the programming period.These audits were a pre-condition for lifting the suspension on payments by the Commission.Meanwhile, as these are corrections agreed by the Member State, the funds released were reassigned to other operations, and there was therefore no net loss of assistance for Spain.The inclusion of the expenditure withdrawals in the 2012 annual accounts represents duplicate accounting of these sums on the part of the Commission, as they were imputed to Spain during the years prior to 2010 when the sums were withdrawn, and additionally imputed again in total in 2012 as a result of the change in the Commission's accounting criterion.Even if the calculation is done at the level of the priority axis, this has an impact on each project and on each expense.The largest part of the irregularities highlighted in the audit reports is due to an inefficient management and control system and to some rules that have failed to observe the principles of a healthy financial management (AM POSDRU - Managing Authority Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development), Romanian authorities accepting a 25 % flat-rate correction, made on the Member State and not on the beneficiary, in particular and in general.Pursuant to the Romanian legislation, Romanian authorities (the managing authorities, respectively) are bound, further to the findings of the audit/control report, to initiate the activity to find the irregularities and to determine the budgetary receivables.

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In accordance with Community regulations, the withdrawals of expenditure take effect when the Member State proceeds to make its declaration to the Commission, which occurred prior to 2010.In 20, certifications involved corrections made on a continuous basis to all expenditure reimbursed to the beneficiaries before 31 August 2012 and those corrections were deducted from the interim payment requests sent to the Commission.