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Engage in fast and agile melee combat with your whip, master devastating magic spells to annihilate your enemies and solve creative puzzles, survive through epic boss battles, adventure across the game's many vast regions to find all its secrets, and experience a deep and unique narrative while trying to escape from a hostile force that looms over the sky.Heart Forth, Alicia has been in development since 2007. Zombies is a 3D survival zombie-run game with pixel art style with funny, crafty, unique characters.We are on the "alpha" phase (invitation only) with the plan to go public beta in the middle of 2016. Headmaster is a strange VR anti-sports game where you head soccer balls to earn your freedom."Headbutt Factory" is a virtual reality game that takes you through a magical world where you literally have to use your head. You are a professional soccer player who had a bad season, so your club sent you to the Football Improvement Centre, which is not a prison.The 15 to 20 minutes procedurally generated missions and the whole co-op mechanics are designed to make the two players feel like they are in a heist or a spy movie.With all the thrilling suspense, the intense situations, climaxes and fun clichés you can imagine it involves, which are directed by the A. Haimrik is an innovative take on interactive medieval stories with a unique puzzle solving gameplay integrated into the story.It was successfully funded through Kickstarter in 2014 and will be released on PC, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Wii U. Zombies is a single-player game about running away from the roaming zombies. It is jam-packed with various kinds of zombies (think zombie apocalypse), various traps but keep your eyes open for the hidden treasures. Her Majesty's SPIFFING is a quaint graphic adventure game following the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted regional accented colleague, Aled, as they travel through the cosmos in search of planets to claim for a new Galactic British Empire! , but black and white and interactive: find little people hiding behind or inside things by lifting doors, pressing buttons, and shaking trees.

It's supposed to be a relaxing game; no time limits, no points, just a bunch of folks and objects to be found. Seek is an asymmetric multiplayer game where one player controls the Hider, a gooish substance able to morph into any object on the floor that can fit through a door.

Hacktag takes place in 2029 in a parallel universe where corporations struggle for the leadership.

The players are mercenary hackers who have to fufill industrial espionnage missions for corporations either as the stealth-agent, who infiltratres physically the building, or as the hacker who infiltrates virtually the security network of the same level.

Soon, you're catapulted into the middle of an ongoing war between the wizards of the forest and the desert army of the West.

Desperate to reunite with your loved ones, you embark on a journey across the vast regions of a beautiful but threatening world, sculpted by the pulsing violence of its past.Brought to you by Gemdrops Inc., the makers of equally captivating games such as "I am Setsuna" and "Gunslinger Stratos," Headbutt Factory's concept is a simple one; headbutt balls that come flying towards you. During your stay in the Heading Facility, you undergo an intense re-education under the guidance of the Centre's World Class Staff.

Schacter, "Haskalah, Secular Studies and the Close of the Yeshiva in Volozhin in 1892," Torah u-Madda Journal 2 (1990, hereafter: Schacter: Close) 76-133.… continue reading »

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