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And yet, it’s a common enough gambit that gets would-be daters shot down on a regular basis.) So, don’t be distracted.

Next, pay attention to the major parameters of what your potential date is looking for, and honor them.

Your odds are good during the winter: According to Lauren O’Reilly of Ok Cupid, people tend to end relationships going into the holidays and want to start fresh in the new year.

“Everybody starts their New Year’s resolution, and a lot of times it’s: Get online or go out more, proactive stuff to really meet somebody,” said Jess Mc Cann, author of “You Lost Him at Hello: From Dating to ‘I Do’ — Secrets from One of America’s Top Dating Coaches.” Pressure from family members during the holidays or wishing they had someone to spend the holidays with encourages people.

“What I would honestly tell you, flat out, is that just because don’t care,” says Wendy.

“Just because someone looks cool and has a good sense of humor doesn’t mean that a woman who clearly states, “I’m looking for marriage and children” is going to respond well to you … ’ doesn’t cut it, but something like, ‘I can’t believe you met Ryan Gosling!

“If your handle is Scooby Doo, I don’t know what your name is, so when you’re introducing yourself, please tell me your name upfront. ‘I saw your profile and found such and such really charming, or I saw that you like to hike and I just came back from hiking the Appalachian Trail.’” Adds Robinson, “Referencing her profile shows that you read all the way to the end, and care enough to pay attention.” 3.

Tell me Wendy bemoans the socially awkward guys who feel the need to float their entire life story before her.

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more about Vira from Lviv I don't trust words, I prefer to look at the actions and behavior of people.

She recalls a case of one who regaled her with an e-missive that went on paragraph after paragraph.

“He threw up against the wall hoping that something would stick,” she says.

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So, by now, you’ve got a digital dating portrait worthy of Da Vinci.

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