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en especial para nuestra muy querida Emily (o mejor aún, para la dulce Emily cuando aun era una niña pequeña).

It's Valentine's Day and Mulder and Scully don't want to spend it alone, so they spend it together.

This story stemmed from a friend who had this idea that Mulder made another wish that day. Looks at the events following this incident and the difficult relationship between M&S and their son as they try to protect him once more What could have been if DD had stuck around? Mulder isn't sure he likes the man Scully tells him he his. If you don't know what the title refers to you are not an XF fan... She was alone, and terrified that no one would come and save her.

Anyways, what if Mulder's not abducted and finds out some news through the grapevine? Booth receives a disturbing text in the middle of the night aboout Bones - will he be able to find her in time? Will this guy really kill her, or is it just a bluff? My story for the 2012 Secret Santa Fanfic Exchange, organized by Biba79, which answers this prompt: "What if Booth hadn't been able to get to Brennan in time and she was hit by the car in 'Doctor in the Photo?

With the re-opening of the X-files how will Mulder and Scully's lives change.

Will the thing that brought them together, and tore them apart change their relationship once again.

She tries hard to get stuck back into work, but Mulder is concerned for her well being. (Not my characters, not my photo)"What if she had somehow managed to protect him? Maybe she would be happy."Three years after giving up William, Scully finding out she's pregnant is the last thing she ever expected. When complications arise during their attempt to get William back, will it tear them apart forever? Mulder and Scully are eagerly expecting their second child.

Mulder tries to get her to take some time off, but gets himself into trouble. Just when they have finally come to terms with the loss of William, their beliefs are once again brought into question when another sick boy needs Scully's help.

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The story picks up when they meet for the first time Post Hannah./"She hears a woman in the supermarket bragging into the phone about how her baby is talking at nine months one evening, and she imagines what it'd be like if Will could have talked, could have made noise when he puckered his lips together, trying for 'Ma.' She couldn't have handled that, she doesn't think.

Or if she should take this chance with a firm grip. Now written in French by Eileda and Spanish by December Ice Star. All the best stuff took place between the episodes.