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I don't think she even knew there were sensors out there, she sure wasn't trying to hide.

The first thing she apparently did was approach the testing center and start asking questions of two technicians who were standing outside taking a break.

He'd been to the medicos -- there wasn't anything wrong with him. The dream was his passion, and he wouldn't rest until that dream became a reality.

All of it was his, not that he cared about money or material goods anymore.

Its mere size, however, was not the hallway's most striking feature.

A visitor couldn't help but notice that along both walls, every five meters or so, there was a well-lit alcove.

The main house was mostly belowground, carved into one of the planet's many rocky hillsides, and was much more than just living quarters.

Mostly women, all nude and in classical poses, close enough to touch.In each alcove they'd see usually one but sometimes two life- or larger-than-life-size nude sculptures done in the Realist style.The statues were the greasy white of real marble, gleaming dully in the light.Their sheer physical presence, not to mention their anatomical correctness, sometimes caused visiting dignitaries to stop and stare.

None of the myriad people rushing up and down the hall paid the slightest attention to the white bodies to either side; they'd seen them all before and had important work to do.His contemporaries understood the purity of his mission, and diligently followed their directed course. Those who'd tried to interfere had been handled in ways that best suited their transgressions.

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